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Who are we?

The project is led by developmental psychologist Kristine Jensen de López, who also is chair of the Cognitive Psychology Unit at the department of psychology at the University of Aalborg, Denmark.

The participants in the project all hold either Master or Phd degrees in the area of Developmental psychology focussing on a set of social-cognitive aspects of development (e.g. language development, memory development, theory of Mind, emotional understanding, bilingualism and literacy, neuropsychology). Several participants, in addition, have clinical experience working with young children and their families. The project is in collaboration with The Northern Danish Center for Speech Problems in Aalborg.

Former employees

Vicky Chondrogianni

Post doc

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Sabine Maria Schonhoff

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Associative Experts


Taleinstituttet i Region Nordjylland
Tale instituttet i Randers
Taleinstituttet i Aalborg


Professor Ulrika Nettelbladt, Department of Logopedics, Phoniatrics & Audilogy, Lund Universitetshospital
Professor Gisela Håkansson, Department of Linguistics, Lund Universitet, Sweden

Association with acknowledged societies:

Lone Sundahl and Kristine Jensen de Lopez are both members of the International Association for the Study of Child Language (IASCL).