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June 12, 2013
Students’ Poster Session VI

May, 27–29, 2013
COST Action ISO804 Final Conference


October 1-­4, 2012
3. internationale temadag om sprogforstyrrelser - intervention, kognition og tosprogethed
PhD course: Evidence-­based Assessment and Intervention with Atypically developing children

September 28, 2012
Presentation of project LæseLeg

Juni 6, 2012
Student Poster Session V

February 21, 2012
Guest lecture by Manuel de la Mata Benitez: Identity reconstruction and empowerment of women who have suffered domestic violence
Book-reception on the occasion of the publication of the book:"Development of self in culture" by Kristine Jensen de López & Tia G. B. Hansen (ed)


October 5, 2011
Official opening of Clinic for Developmental Communication Disorders (DCD)
Inaugural lecture by adjunct professor Nicola Botting

June 6, 2011
Student Poster Session IV


September 30th - October 1th 2010
International Conference in Language Impairment in Monolingual and Bilingual Society (LIMoBIS)

September 29 th 2010
Preconference on Language Impairment

September 2010
PhD Course in on Children’s Language Development (typical, non-typical, bilingual, literacy development and related areas)

June, 9th 2010
Student Poster Session 3


December 2nd 2009
Short CPU meeting on Wednesday Dec. 2nd from 12:00-13:00. Room nr. 4.257.

November 4th 2009
Long CPU meeting

November 3th 2009
Lecture by Kathrine Nelson

October 7th 2009
Short CPU meeting from 12-13: The topic is Publications and plan for future grant applications.

September 2nd 2009
Long CPU meeting


December 3 2008
Researchmeeting 3/12 at 12-15

November 5 2008
Researchmeeting 5/11 at 12-15

September 10 2008
Guest Lecture by Professor Macro Casonato: CLINICAL RESEARCH ON METAPHORS

June 4 2008
Student Poster Session II will held in the main Aula of Kroghstræde on June 4th from 10:00 to 12:00. The list of participants will be announced later. Download SPS2

May 27 2008
Skandinaviskt Utvecklingsarbete kring TROG-2, Psykologisk Institut, Göteborgs Universitet/ Lektor Kristine Jensen de López


May 31 2007 SPS1 “First Student Poster Session”
First Student Poster Session opened by President of the University, Finn Kjærsdam

[30] February 7 2007
Daniel Stern and Paul Harris – joint discussion about “The role of the caregiver in the development of trust in children”.

[29] February 7 2007
Paul L. Harris (Harvard University and University of Aalborg): The cautious disciple: How children learn from testimony?

[28] February 7 2007
Daniel Stern (Cornell University and University of Geneva, CH): How far the child can discern the mother’s sincerity and authenticity.


[27] October 2 2006
Laura Petrini (Aalborg University, Center for Sensory-Motor Interaction): Neuroimaging Methods to study normal and pathological brain

[26] September 20-22 2006
Jens Østergaard Riis (Hospital of Aalborg, DK): Introduction to applied neuropsychology; Rehabilitation of neuropsychological deficits & applied neuropsychological research.

[25] September 12 2006
Eleonora Farina (University of Milano, Italy): Language and emotions: which is the role of children’s pragmatic competences in their emotion comprehension

[24] March 1 2006
Harriet Tenenbaum (Brooklyn College and Graduate Center of the City University of New York, USA): Gender development
Harriet Tenenbaum (Graduate Center of the City University of New York, USA): Children's science learning

[23] February 10 2006
Jens Østergaard Riis (Aalborg Hospital): Anvendelse af kognitive test i praksis - primært af voksne


[22] October 9 2005
Hedy Stegge (Free University, Amsterdam, Netherlands): Emotion regulation: Normal and problematic development

[21] September 27 2005
Wolfgang Ellemeier (Department of Acoustics): Perceptual psychology & sound quality engineering

[20] September 9 2005
Ottavia Albanese (University of Milano Bicocca, Italy): Cognitive development in deaf and hearing children

[19] September 7 2005
Lauren Shapiro (Emporia State University, USA): Child suggestibility: Do we trust children

[18] March 15 2005
Marc de Rosnay (University of Cambridge, UK): Children's social development

[17] March 1 2005
Paul Harris (Harvard University, USA): The work of the imagination, (by videoconference)

[16] February 2 2005
Carlos Hernandez Blasi (University of Jaume I, Spain): An introduction to
Evolutionary Developmental Psychology


[15] December 20 2004
Tina Bendixen & Louise Dahl Andreasen: Recognition of basic emotions in mildly depressed young adults
Patrick Bender & Kamilla S. Kristensen: Mothers' ability to predict their children's emotion understanding: The impact of maternal mental discourses.

[14] November 16 2004
Kristine Jensen de Lopez: ToM and syntax
Francisco Pons: ToM, EU and pragmatic

[13] October 19 2004
Tia Hansen and others: Gender differences in everyday memories

[12] October 8 2004
Jill Boucher (Warwick University, UK): Autistic spectrum disorders
Jill Boucher (Warwick University, UK): Williams syndrome

[11] May 6 2004
Wolfgang Ellermeier (Department of Acoustics):

[10] April 29 2004
Jens Kvorring: Sex, Science and Society

[9] April 15 2004
Nicolai Graakjær: Music and Meaning

[8] March 10-11 2004
Louise Lafortune (University of Quebec, Canada): Emotions towards mathematics in pupils
Louise Lafortune (University of Quebec, Canada): Maths, sciences and technologies: Pupils’ beliefs
Louise Lafortune (University of Quebec, Canada): Maths, sciences andtechnologies: Gender studies


[7] December 17 2003
Jens Kvorning: Action, thinking and intelligence

[6] December 3 2003
Ole Michael Spaten: Children’s self concept

[5] November 19 2003
Francisco Pons: Emotion Understanding in adolescence; effects of abuse
and learning difficulties.

[4] February 20 2003
Irene Henriette Oestrich: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Skt. Hans Hospital, Roskilde

[3] February 4 2003
David Rubin: Autobiographical Memory: A life span approach. Duke University (US).


[2] November 5 2002
Tia Hansen and Jens Kvorning: Relation between intuitive and scientific psychology

[1] October 22 2002
CPU faculty: research presentation

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